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Welcome to S2 Business Consulting (S2BC), an interactive and state of the art end-to-end software development firm. We’re glad you stopped by. The customer, end user experience is changing and our proprietary technology is leading this shift. S2BC specializes in creating software solutions for cutting edge Finance companies, Jewelry importers/exporters, Consumer packaged goods, Automobile industries, Hospitality industries, Travel and Transportation Industries, Media & Entertainment conglomerates & Industrial powerhouses.

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S2BC is more than a technology and consulting firm. We train today’s leader’s on tomorrow’s technology. S2BC provides customized training and implementation programs to leverage your existing business platform. . . and transform it into a 21st century experience. Most companies have the capabilities to succeed at their current level. S2BC bridges the gap between talent and technology.

What do you think about a company who specializes in data mining, then turns your hospitality department into data specialists? That might be a slight exaggeration. But it’s howS2BC works. And we can’t help it. As you spend more time on this site, you will begin to see how we go about our business. At first you probably didn’t think effective barcode management plays into overall sales. Guess what, it does. Improving overall customer experience doesn’t stop when they are done shopping. Using S2BC cloud computing services, CRM or ERP solutions is just another way your firm walks into the 21st Century. Welcome.

For example, take a look at S2BC’s many outsourcing opportunities. This has emerged as a buzzword the past 10-15 years. It’s here to stay. You might as well do it right. Explore the wealth of knowledge we offer in merging your company to a mobile world. Smartphones are used by over 50% of U.S consumers, according to a study by Nielsen research. This is great news if you’re expanding into mobile. Slightly disheartening if you are slow to expand. Even better news? S2BC is here to help and we love what we do!

Whether we are training a hospital on Oracle’s PeopleSoft technology, or an engineering firm on various ERP solutions. . .S2BC operates by a set of guiding principles. These will never change. We go beyond consulting and merge technology with human capital. Bringing out the best in both.


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